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Tue 17:29 
@jkalyn @tapemachines
29.7 21:04 
Ah, I see - it wasn't "theirs"
10.7 13:34 
RT @GothBlairWaldrf: In these turbulent times slash during this "new normal" [insert your own trite ad copy here] there's one product Americans/me can truly rely on. Please support the fake commercial I made in tribute to it:
27.6 00:52 
@DublDownDrew I think Joe Pera beat you to that conclusion (it eventually gets there)
7.6 05:17 
RT @thezoobombs: Zoobombs is ready.
Are you ready to get Mo’ Funky?
7.6 05:04 
If I read my timezones right, there's a ZOOBOMBS concert starting RIGHT NOW...if only I stay awake

EDIT: Moostop is playing with them for the first time in seven years!!
26.5 11:01 
Spotify continues to drag me into 2020, where - let's be honest - I'd rather not be (I Like Trains - The Truth)
24.5 21:26 
Well that was an unexpected rabbit hole (Cirrus - Drop the Break (from Moonshine Mixed Vol. 2))
24.5 18:16 
@SonorantPlosive I am not! Listen to the whole thing here: /> Discogs says that's maybe a fair deal, depending on which version:
17.5 03:06 
Okay, gonna take a 3am bath and listen to the rain. Please let me know if you need a Snapchat of my wet soapy feet in about 20 minutes... GOOD NIGHT
15.5 20:00 
@Stephen_Worthy Yes, truly Ralf Hutter's finest vocal performance
10.5 15:56 
Paired so well (h/t WFMU via Jason Kottke via Colin Nagy via Ben Palmer...) (Mix #4 (Mind Against, Adriatique, Trentemøller, Recondite, Bodzin, and more))
10.5 03:00 
G'night (Africa - Otamatone cover)
9.5 16:28 
Whatever the next life is... I hope they've already met up (Little Richard @ Purple Rain Party...)
8.5 15:11 
(Via Skyler) (Never Gonna Give You Up, but an AI attempts to continuously generate more of the song)
6.5 22:44 
You asked, I relented (CRZ tries TIRAMISU OREOS)
6.5 16:34 
Just uploaded (not by me, wish I owned it!) (Florian Schneider-Esleben and Eberhard Kranemann - The origins of Kraftwerk - 1967)
6.5 12:53 (Pissoff - Suite For Double Bass Arco And Portamento Flute (1967))
6.5 10:55 
Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Florian Schneider
Stop Plastic Pollution
4.5 22:17 
"0 BPM" ( The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu (The Jams [AKA The KLF]) - Me Ru Con)
4.5 09:45 
Good morning! Can I go back to sleep yet? (Röyksopp - Shores of Easy (Lost Tapes))
16.4 15:16 
The funny thing is when I search "Howard Finkel Wedding Reception," there's more than one wedding reception. I think this was the one we all saw back then: #RIPFink
15.4 13:13 
Unrelated: Eminem's "Freestyle (Farm Club)" lives on, on YouTube
3.4 09:41 
Aw man - RIP Bill Withers

Grover Washington, Jr.
Just The Two of Us
13.3 18:31 
Banger, indeed (via Alison Stopla) (Vietnam Corona Virus Song (English Subtitles))
2.3 11:52 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow It's a goodun'

My copy of "Very Relentless" was horrendously overpriced, bought while I was in college (I think the shop was literally called "Hole Records")
28.12 10:48 
Okay see ya in three hours (via Martin) (YouTube: 4K CABVIEW Bijelo Polje - Bar - Winter ride from snowy mountains to Adriatic Sea coast)
8.12 03:26 
G'night (YouTube: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Crush)
20.9 04:54 
Oh hey K-X-P have a video now

Hex Bag
16.9 11:49 
Goodbye Again

The Cars
Hello Again (Arthur Baker Remix)
4.9 13:55 
How did I not know this existed until now?! (New album two weeks from Friday!) (Herb Alpert - Skinny Drip)
13.7.19 21:46 
And maybe then you wouldn't get so sick of me (Sneaker Pimps: Sick)
27.6.19 10:04 
Me watching the radar on tubing day
27.5.19 19:36 
@alex_cono @RealSnarkyPuppy Oh dear - this is quite the rabbit hole you're sending me down
23.5.19 18:57 
Been thinking about Kat almost constantly since she dropped off the grid in Nepal a week ago - think there's another week plus left? - and somehow, via a series of rabbit holes, ended up back in San Francisco with another awesome/obsessive runner. This film is about 18 minutes but once I started watching, I couldn't stop - and after it was over, I wanted more. None of this makes me want to leave the house and move faster than a walk like Kat or Rickey do (not to mention, in *insane* amounts), but..... it DOES make me want to keep walking "new" routes. (Every Single Street with Rickey Gates)
2.5.19 17:15 
I'm still loving it (Retro Weather Barry ZeVan May 1, 2019)
16.4.19 18:38 
THIS IS AWESOME (via Michelle Herder Ness) (Barry ZeVan: The Retro Weatherman)
15.4.19 19:59 
15.4.19 07:17 
I'm paying taxes, but what am I buying? (YouTube: Fred Wesley & The JBs - I'm Paying Taxes, What Am I Buying?)
5.4.19 08:34 
Listened to The Sonics - Your Don't Hear Me
3.4.19 11:15 
Worst video for the best song? Definite nominee...

Hue & Cry
Labour of Love
4.3.19 05:54 
Keith Flint was 49.

The Prodigy
2.3.19 04:43 
Late Nite Thoughtz (Eminem: Farm Club Freestyle)
22.2.19 16:49 
You never told me...

Have a great weekend!

Def Leppard
Personal Jesus
8.2.19 10:56 
This was released a few hours ago! Have a great weekend!

UNKLE f/ Michael Kiwanuka
On My Knees
15.1.19 05:03 
For some reason I'm reminded of this "comedy bit" (Don Imus: 1200 Hamburgers to Go)
24.12.18 16:34 
My annual tradition - happy bells and whistles everybody! (YouTube: Telex - Cloches et Sifflets)
14.12.18 13:00 
Golly, did you know ABC did a Radiohead cover a few years back? If you did, you should have told me! Have a great weekend!

High & Dry
11.12.18 21:22 
"No, I'll be late - yeah....yeah, I'm listening to orchestral arrangements of Coke commercials - hello?" (YouTube: It's the Real Thing · The Ivor Raymonde Orchestra)
6.12.18 16:05 
I'm in shock. RIP Pete Shelley. If you've never heard "XL1," this was the coolest way to do it.
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