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Mon 22:39 
I fell asleep during #RAW, several times. Every time I woke up, Chloe from Colleyville, TX was telling me about how vaping was intensifying her anxiety RT @tapemachines: you know what, it's the commercials. i cannot do commercials right now. so i will do something else
Sun 21:42 
I WILL say that today, the stream only went out once over the whole five hours I've had it going, so....we know it's possible for WWE Network to function as expected - now, is it too much to expect it to be like that for EVERY live event?
Sun 21:18 
Can't believe Heyman didn't swipe the mic #WM36
Sun 21:10 
Check, please #WM36
Sun 20:48 
I know nobody's following me any more but the WWE Network schedule clearly says the next thing airing after #WM36 doesn't start until 25 after
Sun 20:42 
The REAL winners are the WWE UNIVERSE RT @GwapogiTalaga: @CRZ Who's your pick? Lacey or Bayley?
Sun 20:32 
@luchablog Second time this week!
Sun 20:24 
Dana? Dana who? #WM36
Sun 20:23 
Occasional reminder that WWE is so enlightened they still won't announce the weights of any of their Women's Division superstars #WM36
Sun 20:21 
Too bad WWE couldn't use all that fancy VR hardware to create a fake audience #WM36
Sun 20:19 
WWE: <cuts to commercial>
Sun 19:59 
Maybe this match needs background music? #WM36
Sun 19:55 
Anybody else think this match could really be made if Orton and Edge just did a little more screaming? #WM36
Sun 19:49 
What, no nitrile gloves, WWE Official? #WM36
Sun 19:19 
The WWE Network schedule says we've got two more hours for...what, three matches left? (next show starts at 25 after whatever your timezone's version of 9 CDT is) #WM36
Sun 19:12 
That's actually Mandy's everyday walkin' around outfit #WM36
Sun 19:11 
You know...Charles Robinson should be able to hear Cole yelling about low blows from where he's standing in that empty building #WM36
Sun 19:03 
Ah, leave it to JCL to Fox Business Channel it up in 2020 #WM36
Sun 19:03 
Still a tiny amount of hard to believe that sinister multiweek glitchy whatever was purely to.....advance a Dozer/Ziggles feud #WM36
Sun 18:40 
If you somehow missed last night, here's what it would have looked like in letterboxed Filmlook #WM36
Sun 18:38 
Great match! MAYBE too much screaming. Also maybe wrong woman going over. Ah, there's my first buffering #WM36
Sun 18:11 
"Well, we taped all this stadium footage....we better use it" #WM36
Sun 18:08 
"Gronk:" "So....WrestleMania? Continues? .....RIGHT NOW" #WM36
Sun 18:05 
Voiceover: "I know you think you've heard this before--"
Me: "Yeah, appx. 24 hours ago"
You think they had to pay AC/DC twice as much?
Sun 18:03 
RT @CRZ: "How you wanna open WrestleMania?"
Sun 18:02 
Sun 17:54 
Surely jinxing myself but today I've managed to go an hour without having to refresh my WWE Network stream - could they have somehow learned from yesterday and improved capacity?! Wonders may never cease! #WM36
Sun 17:40 
RT @TheCoreyBrewer: Are you watching night two of @WrestleMania? That @AJStylesOrg Undertaker match was epic last night!
Sun 00:39 
@TheMixxMaster I emerge from hibernation every WrestleMania
Sat 21:09 
Did y'all see how President Trump waited until the #BoneyardMatch was over before he tweeted again
Sat 21:07 
@tapemachines Coulda used another half dozen cuts from Undertaker riding across the screen to Undertaker riding across the screen (requesting GIF)
Sat 21:00 
Surprised they didn't go ahead and shoot off $50,000 of pyrotechnics as Take drove off #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:59 
OKAY CUE LASERS #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:59 
Wow, brave to not kayfabe Style's year of birth #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:54 
I mean this match MIGHT hurt his legacy... #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:53 
Geez, more angles than a Knight Rider Turbo Boost #WM36 #BoneyardMatch #references
Sat 20:53 
WRESTLING MOVE!!!!! #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:51 
AJ: Hey wait why'd the music change WHAAAAA #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:49 
(a lone viola plays) #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:49 
This #BoneyardMatch is no "Tim & Eric Baby Picture Fight Scene" #WM36
Sat 20:45 
This is Royal Rumble 1994 all over again! #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:44 
"Road House!" #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:41 
I'll be real disappointed if the druids don't return and reveal themselves to be the Good Brothers #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:39 
Oh GOOD, background music!! #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:39 
Matt Hardy DID leave this promotion, correct? #WM36 #BoneyardMatch
Sat 20:24 
Sat 20:20 
@hansen9j Maybe it needs another @SNICKERS!
Sat 20:17 
Truth shouldn't be going to any of those places anyway! #WM36
Sat 20:03 
Rollins: YAAAAAAAA-- <buffering> -- AAAAAAAH #WM36
Sat 19:51 
Seriously can't go more than 2 minutes without rebuffering @WWENetwork - I feel at this point I'd have more luck casting an illegal stream than the one I'm paying for
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