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 10:58 @funkomatic @DollarBinShow Yeah, wasn't that a....I dunno how to describe it other than "a pleasing chord progression?" Definitely my kinda "trance"
Tue 16:07 More radio stuff! At the top of the hour I'm joining Apollolypstic (aka JamEZ) on @KRSMradio for two hours of 1980s vinyl fun on "Same As It Ever Was!" Stream it live from if you can't pull in 98.9 (you probably can't)
Tue 16:05 RT @DollarBinShow: It's Dollar Bin Tuesday! We start with our usual funk/disco but take a hard turn into trance, hardcore and.... "dark wave drum step?" As always, everything's a buck or under!

Listen to our latest hour at...
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Tue 00:47 @eastcoast_joe NOOOOOOO NOT THE KLANGY POLES
Fri 19:38 
Ya know if we had a REAL One True Leader of the Smarks they'd get the chanting idiots to work on a "Chad" chant #SmackDown
Fri 19:20 
oh my
how unexpected
Fri 06:35 
LOVE Daryl John RT @kfaiplaylist: “Dreamtime” by Daryl John. AM Drive at 6:23am. @kfaiamdrive
Wed 21:56 
Whoa, I just saw parking enforcement taking place on Essex St SE at 9.50...meters only go 'til 10. I bet they hooked quite a few
9.10 19:09 @thecubsfan Thanks!
9.10 19:08 
RT @thecubsfan: @CRZ just in the last couple of weeks, this is the first title match since doing it, you're good
9.10 19:08 
Okay, I know I haven't been paying attention for yonks, but when did they "demote" the Cruiserweight championship? #NXT
9.10 15:08 @hack0tv I seem to have way more lost wasps than I prefer - I think they must have a nest hidden under the porch I can't get to
9.10 15:05 
Speaking of real October problems, it's ALMOST too sunny for me to sit on the porch attempting to view the screen of my Chromebook - ahh THERE'S a cloud in the right place #mspwx
9.10 14:59 RT @KRSMradio: Next Monday, you can celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day by tuning in for 14 hours of excellent programming produced by Native American hosts. 98.9 FM or on our mobile apps. Don't miss it!
8.10 13:37 
RT @DollarBinShow: It's Dollar Bin Tuesday! Here's a jammin' playlist you can definitely eat tacos to:
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7.10 19:27 
(followed immediately by a TNT AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite spot)
7.10 19:25 
Hey check it out guys, #WWETLC is coming to...."Minneanpolis"
7.10 19:07 
PSA: The guy in the bowtie is talking on @FS1 #twins #yankees #RAW #hashtag
7.10 19:06 
Me: <flips on >#RAW>
Lashley: Oh hey Rusev
(saxophone music starts playing)
Me: <flips to
#twins pregame>
7.10 17:09 RT @SoundUnseen: It’s Halloween season so we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see Dario Argento’s Deep Red with @GoblinBand playing the score over the movie thanks to our friends at @TheFitzTheater. Retweet for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted Wednesday!
7.10 09:13 
6.10 19:16 
Oh wait did this show start an hour ago? Ooopsie #HIAC
(Doesn't matter, stream just died - wow seven minutes, new record)
6.10 19:07 
OH MY GOD AN ACTUAL @WWENetwork LIVE STREAM ON MY @Roku SAINTS BE PRAISED (does this mean nobody's streaming this show except me?) #HIAC
4.10 14:32 
Yes, I switched the @kfaiFMradio Studio 1 thermostat from "COOL" to "HEAT" - what could possibly go wrong
3.10 22:04 In two hours I'll be on @kfaiFMradio alllllll the way to 6am! I DARE you to sit through all six hours! Tune in at 90.3/106.7/
3.10 22:01 
See guys Troy Aikman totally knows WWE RT @TroyAikman: Proud to join the #BeaStar team to beat bullying w @WWE and @TheCreativeC. Hope you'll take a stand against bullying too!
30.9 21:59 
Ever seen fifteen camera cuts during a single kiss? Well, NOW you have!
30.9 20:10 
Oh great, it's Saudi Arabia season in the WWE again - maybe we should give up WWE for October
30.9 20:02 
@allnewtpir Hey is Hulk Hogan still racist? I forget
30.9 19:59 
Dom Stereo
27.9 19:22 
I will say Miz and Charlotte have already repeatedly tapped out to the TelePrompTer
27.9 19:21 
Man this "SmackDown's Greatest Hits" show currently on Fox is GREAT! How come nobody told me this was airing? (Looks like FS1 will give it a replay or two next week)
26.9 21:03 
Your move, Wrestling Twitter RT @CRZ: Today I learned that the 24/7 title has seriously screwed up the @WWE Lineal Championship. Also, it may be criminal that even after I follow @Linear_WWEChamp, who are doing God's work so I don't have to, their follower count remains in single digits.
26.9 21:03 
Today I learned that the 24/7 title has seriously screwed up the @WWE Lineal Championship. Also, it may be criminal that even after I follow @Linear_WWEChamp, who are doing God's work so I don't have to, their follower count remains in single digits.
25.9 20:04 
Good to see I still can't get a live stream of the @WWENetwork working on my @Roku
25.9 11:39 Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do!* #MyTwitterAnniversary

*I actually don't...Twitter autogenerated this tweet for me so I could blindly tweet it
21.9 19:49 Pizza Hut TV ad: If you're looking for the best place to pick up a pizza, might we recommend the place with "Pizza" in the name?
Me: Dude, you just described virtually EVERY pizza restaurant
TV: (silent, because me talking to it as if it is a person still won't make it respond)
20.9 05:45 RT @KXPmusic: "Bechdel-test-friendly focus on relationships between women and the deliberately non-period, synth-heavy musical score credited to Timo Kaukolampi and Tuomo Puranen." 'Maria's Paradise' ('Marian paratiisi'): Film Review | TIFF 2019 via @thr
19.9 19:51 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow Haha I was close; it was actually on "Rave 'til Dawn"
19.9 17:42 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow I feel like the track definitely made some "Strictly for the Headstrong" type techno compilation CDs back in the day - heck I probably have it in the basement somewhere
17.9 00:15 @opal_teardrop I told ya I needed to walk!
15.9 18:10 
I mean, NASCAR's on, too. I got options. @WWENetwork @Roku
15.9 18:08 

Yeah, definitely an improved streaming experience. Way to go
@WWENetwork @Roku
15.9 18:05 
Oh man EVERY title? Is WALTER here tonight? #WWEClash
15.9 18:04 
Oh boy, it's streaming (at a very low bitrate)! Let's see how many minutes we can last before it errors out
15.9 18:01 
Hmmm, WWE says I'm not a subscriber any more. It's only been, what, five years? OK, let's sign up again. Aw man, I don't get a free month?

Oh, never mind, it doesn't wanna work on my Roku anyway. How badly do I wanna watch this PPV? Isn't there football on?
12.9 14:23 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow I snuck that one onto Cruise Control once! Somehow I picked that LP up at a Down In The Valley a couple years ago (something on the cover must have spoken to me) and I guess they were huge in Santa Cruz for a while
12.9 12:11 RT @masonbutler: This has also been the evolution of @CRZ

@DollarBinShow RT @DrLavaYT: The Gradual Revision of Pikachu:

Since the mid-90's, Pikachu has lost weight, grown a larger tail, and sprouted new fingers. Pikachu's electric cheek pouches have gotten bigger as well.

1. Red & Green artwork
2. Blue artwork
3. Yellow artwork
4. Modern artwork
11.9 18:26 #latertweet RT @aadesigncreate:
10.9 16:21 
RT @DollarBinShow: This episode we venture into a strange land called the 1990s. I hope we survive!
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