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Fri 17:11 The Making Of™ RT @aadesigncreate: @ gothess with @llamarock8 + @CRZ
Mon 15:01 RT @Hennepin: @CRZ You're right, but it's also a photo of the Fremont Avenue Bridge over the Greenway, which is scheduled to be replaced this summer.
Mon 14:56 I feel like the photo accompanying this tweet is of the Midtown Greenway... which isn't a county road RT @Hennepin: Want to know where you’ll see construction and maintenance on county roads this year? Get the details and sign up for updates:
Mon 14:53 
(furiously hitting refresh to see if @RonKillings won the WWE United Kingdom championship) #WWEBournemouth
Mon 14:41 
Golly! My "web-exclusive" show is promoted to "actual radio broadcast" for one night only TONIGHT on @kfaiFMradio! RT @DollarBinShow: Episode 020 debuts tonight at 0100 CDT ON THE RADIO! Yes, I am as surprised as you are, but tune in to 90.3 or stream LIVE (on tape) from for the broadcast - of course, the stream will be available for 14 days afterward as always.
Sun 14:47 Can it possibly be true? Happy Birthday @thecubsfan! And welcome... to the darkest decade.
8.5 22:41 
With Pavelski and Jones, all things are possible!!! #SJSharks
8.5 22:41 
RT @GaryRadnich: #SJSHARKS...7 games again! On to the West Finals...Marty Jones King tonight...GO SHARKS!!
8.5 15:21 
@luchablog @mattfarmer93 Sam Muchnick (first!)
8.5 13:55 UPDATE: Bought my "Detective Pikachu" ticket for tomorrow's first screening
7.5 12:33 RT @DollarBinShow: Episode 019 is available for streaming! Only eight long tracks this week, but one of my very favourites is included - always delighted that I copped it for a buck!
6.5 19:16 
RT @luchablog: bold move by WWE to shake things up by starting Raw with a series of people walking to the ring one by one to cut a promo
5.5 22:37 
I've got a super duper hilarious and political wrestling related tweet in mind but I should probably embargo it until I think anyone in the world might be reading who'd Like and Retweet it - soooo - next WrestleMania, maybe?
5.5 07:11 May the Cinco be with you
4.5 17:23 As you might expect, I like Tacitus - but not enough to bet any money on him #KYDerby
2.5 15:46 @Oosawgee WELCOME TO THE ROCK
2.5 15:46 
Hey remember that time Pitbull invited us to have a real good time underneath the freeway overpass drinking Dr Pepper
29.4 21:23 
Drew Gulak looks different #RAW
29.4 20:11 
Huh, Lio Rush looks larger and whiter this week #RAW
29.4 19:40 OK so A Dog's Journey but Dennis Quaid's character is The Intruder
(I'm sure everyone's made these jokes but I just don't see these ads often enough)
29.4 19:35 
Only through the SUPERSTAR SHAKE-UP!™ can you see....a match you could have seen a month ago on the other show #RAW
29.4 19:33 I hate television. #theradkes
28.4 15:59 
Ah, NASCAR on FOX: where racing action keeps interrupting them showing you the exact same ads you saw 3 minutes ago
24.4 00:23 
YES! #SJSharks
23.4 23:24 
23.4 23:23 
23.4 07:16 
I let the account with a couple dozen followers plug my gigs instead of the one with almost 2000 followers (of which approximately 1950 aren't local and can't make the gig anyway, so.....maybe the right move?) RT @DollarBinShow: By the way, @CRZ will be bringing the dollar vinyl AND more expensive vinyl this Saturday at Bev's Wine Bar with DJ Christian Fritz (@mplsltd)! Come out between 9 and 1 for live men spinning wax and WINE!
23.4 07:14 
RT @DollarBinShow: Another nine tunes for you to enjoy in Episode 017! Give us an hour and we'll take you on a trip.
22.4 21:37 
22.4 21:35 
Oh shit he finally called them his fireflies #RAW
22.4 21:23 
I guess I no longer need to write
"Lashley = Black
Roode = White"
on my hand anymore
22.4 21:07 
Just got an #NXT ad for the Sunday St. Paul show where the War Raiders are still listed as appearing - awkward #RAW
22.4 20:49 
Viking Raiders, you say? #RAW
22.4 20:35 
Aw geez, they forgot Cesaro used to have his own music past that first five seconds #RAW
22.4 19:51 
I also have trouble remembering which one is Billie and which one is Peyton #RAW #RIPMikeRome
21.4 16:46 It's kinda incredible that the Scotiabank Arena's camera stands even allow for the possibility that some dude can just stand up and block the main shot (also, Twitter Latest search on "sit down" is currently hilarious)
21.4 16:45 
RT @kckmpls: Tonight:
Cold City Heat
Lola’s Paradox
Free. 21+.
21.4 16:40 We're gonna have to agree to disagree on the proper definition of "slow" cookin' ;-) RT @davefinton: @CRZ uh...

It's *8* hours. ;^)
21.4 16:38 Any idiot can throw a bunch of delicious ingredients into a crock pot for 18 hours, but not many people actually DO that, so I think I can consider myself "a good cook" today
20.4 02:44 
Heavy police activity on the Green Line where a train is stopped blocking University at the stadium station
16.4 20:58 
Off to karaoke - goodbye #SDLive
16.4 20:58 
Oh no, they're gonna have to stretch this out two more minutes #SDLive
16.4 20:56 
16.4 20:54 
Well......I suppose it's a surprise - and there's five minutes left to do better #SDLive
16.4 20:44 
@RecklessEric @MrBrandonStroud
16.4 20:06 
Wow, they sure are sayin' "belts" a lot #SDLive
16.4 19:50 
Clearly, Charles Robinson wanted to stay on #SDLive and he and Charlotte are a package deal, so
16.4 19:49 
I gotta say, if it weren't for Twitter I'd have no idea who Charlotte Flair was hooking up with - I still don't CARE. but I definitely KNOW #SDLive
16.4 19:26 
Well, we saw Sasha ONCE this week #SDLive
16.4 19:22 
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