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Sun 00:25 Does ANYONE IN THE WORLD want to spend time with me in the next 90 minutes or so?
Fri 23:00 Still several golden tickets available!
Thu 22:04 Rotation is EXTREMELY tight
Thu 14:19 
As I was returning an S.O.S. Band album back to its sleeve, I happened to notice there were a few stowaways inside the jacket - two Cove Cabaret Discotronics bulletins from September, 1980 AND a MAD Magazine flexi full of disco parodies which I will probably try to find digital copies online rather than try to play. Looks like Cove Cabaret still operates in Superior, WI although probably with a whole lot less Discotronics
Mon 20:54 
Bye, Mom! Sorry we didn't take a selfie until five minutes before I left!
Mon 16:14 
"Two of everything, please!" #chili #cheese
8.9 22:06 
No cake for the birthday boy, but a blueberry fritter from Mr. T's will do!
8.9 17:41 
Hey look it's my first copy of "Some Great Reward"
8.9 15:06 Happy Birthday to the guy who'll always put on his best face for a selfie! I love you, Dad!
6.9 21:40 Pre-preunion at Ceres' hottest* microbrewery

*by which we mean only
6.9 01:43 Look if they didn't want me to eat it, they wouldn't have placed it so close to the airport
5.9 19:10 OH NO I DIDN'T PACK PANTS okay whew
5.9 16:34 #tbt Here's page 144 of the yearbook and my senior photo. Thanks to Donny for forever making sure I was only second to last. I head back to Modesto tonight through Monday where I am told several other folks in my class may be around and there's a good chance I will interact with them. I expect more photos than in 2009 as I have a better camera and even a decade older *maaaaaybe* I look slightly better than I did then. Not as great as the guy in this senior photo, though! Hubba hubba!
5.9 12:35 One of the joys of "owning" a 109 year old house are the constantly ticking time bombs occasionally going off and requiring massive amounts of cash to recover from. A week from Monday, we'll tear up some walls and ceilings to completely replace some pipes to the tune of $Idon'thaveit thanks to the shocking discovery that my bathroom's plumbing - well, the parts we didn't already replace umpty-ump years ago the LAST time we tore up the walls and ceilings - is either crumbling and/or lead. Nothing makes your day quite like your plumber asking "hey, have you ever thought about remodeling? Now'd be the perfect time!" So yeah maybe a good time to get on a plane for the weekend and not think about how much stuff costs for a couple days...
4.9 23:10 Hey I have kind of a silly question...would any of you be so good as to drive me from my house to MSP around 6PM on Thursday? My driver-for-hire of choice is out of the country.
4.9 13:55 
How did I not know this existed until now?! (New album two weeks from Friday!) (Herb Alpert - Skinny Drip)
2.9 22:13 
Well, it was fun...see ya in, like, 354 days
2.9 22:11 
Final solo food...if I don't beat the rain home by that extra 10 was worth it
2.9 17:53 
Back for more DRAIN CLEANING
2.9 17:41 
More gimmicky beers!
2.9 17:08 
2.9 16:21, everything
2.9 13:53 
Haven't had a cream puff for a couple years
2.9 12:35 
Guys should pipes do this
2.9 04:16 
Last day of the State Fair and I'll be there. If you're already so tired of my food photos and want to actually share that food with me instead, lemme know and we'll try to meet and eat! (But first....sleep)
1.9 20:02 
This one never got texted to me so you get a photo of a photo for now
1.9 20:01 
31.8 12:30 Whoa it's our day! Love you, Antonio!
31.8 01:39 
Hey thanks FøøLPrøøF for giving us another great night (also look at Andy's shave and haircut, it's so bizarre)
31.8 00:32 F YEAH
30.8 17:24 
Ready to serve YOU!
30.8 14:04 
Guys ONE YEAR AGO TODAY I did my first live on air fill-in for KFAI filling in on The Pop Shop! It was the 50th anniversary of the first Apple Records releases so I played all eight sides. I also commemorated the 25th anniversary of "The Late Show with David Letterman" with THEIR first musical guest that night - yes, I snuck Billy Joel onto KFAI the first chance I got. In the past year, I've done, like, 60 hours of live radio - plus 33 or 34 episodes of Dollar Bin. Anyway, here's the stream from one year ago - don't tell anybody I'm still sharing it with you (but if you want more of my "air checks," lemme know on the down low)
30.8 13:59 
It's probably dangerous to admit this publicly, but....I liked the new Tool album way more than the new Lana Del Rey album
29.8 23:58 Ski-U-Mah
29.8 18:11 Hey hi this is a fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun night and you may even see me attempt to dance (followed by attempting to eat food from the nearby Denny's After Dark)
28.8 12:38 ...........yeah, nobody's called yet.
When will they call?
What if they don't call?
27.8 21:11 Let me out
26.8 23:44 
15 minutes left in national dog day
26.8 18:30 
26.8 15:37 This guy. This is the guy. Love ya, Yoritchie!
26.8 01:09 
Still figuring it out...test selfies from the usual location. The forward facing "flash" AND the mostly useless S Pen (or is it a "Pen-S?" Ah ha ha) may be game changers, but clearly I need to shave and lose five pounds in my face and/or do those filter tricks
25.8 19:59 
Interesting times from the hometown
25.8 15:22 Rob Fisher died 20 years ago today. He was only 42. It's also the 15th anniversary of Frankie Knuckles Day. We're still here! Try to dance today.
24.8 23:36 
Okay technically I don't have the job yet but I couldn't go one more day without worrying that the battery in my S6 edge was going to start leaking acid in my pocket so HELLO NEW NOTE 10+ - will my crappy Instagrams suddenly start to look less crappy? STAY TUNED
24.8 23:19 Visiting my guncle at work!
24.8 22:23 
Originally from Waterloo, Belgium (population: 29706, according to Wikipedia), now from Charleston, IL (population: 21838, according to Wikipedia) - but probably really originally from Nigeria and still in Nigeria - I'll have to check out her nude videos to be sure - (I am not clicking on that tumblr link) - here is "Heaven Morgan"
24.8 01:54 Yep... they're shakin'
23.8 15:44 
Yes, I just booked a stealth trip home for the weekend of the high school reunion - I must really think I'll be able to pay for it ;-)
23.8 01:59 
You're not giving me much to work with here, "Charlee Hughes"
22.8 23:59 Sorry I'm late!
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