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Tue 15:54 Radar is totally empty, except for the thunderstorm directly over my house. That's an interesting feeling--HOLY SHIT THAT'S LOUD how do I still have power?
Tue 12:46 Interviewed at the Centennial Office Building today with MN IT for a Knowledge Management Lead position. The successful candidate will lead two others and that team of three will attempt to get the knowledge of something like 45,000 people across countless state and county agencies out of SharePoint and onto Remedy. There were 45 applicants and they're interviewing ten; I was the second guy. Winnowing down the field was a huge part of what made my May application drag into a July interview. It was weird sitting in a room with three white guys after all the diversity I've experienced over the past year. It was...a little fun? They had five set questions and I tried to shoehorn in my selling points answering them. I *think* I made the points I needed to make, but I also probably gave them plenty of reasons to NOT consider me - unless acknowledging my many weaknesses is ALSO a strength, in addition to the strengths I tried to describe. It sounds like what they REALLY need is a salesperson - an evangelist to get people on board with utilisation of the new Knowledge Management Database. It's a daunting task. I would LOVE to be the guy doing it. Realistically...I have pretty low expectations. They were way less interested in KFAI than the Cray folks, after all. They said they might be able to reach a decision by the end of the month. You know how I love to wait! But in all honesty, if somehow I landed this job, I would definitely never have to look for another job again...which is almost as appealing as the prospect of eventually scoring a pension! Thanks again to Craig for suggesting the state as a potential employer and keeping me looking there for positions like this one.
Tue 11:55 
Way too hot to be taking selfies at the Capitol in this getup, but just wrapped a pretty interesting interview with MN IT, so let's commemorate it
Mon 23:39 
ON AIR ALERT: I'm LIVE on KFAI + WQNA in 20 minutes!!
Mon 21:51 
Wow, City Pages finally reported on this story by.....going there and having a good time. "Huh!" Well, that's disappointing.

(In case you forgot, or are just joining us: />
Mon 13:21 
If you had three weeks in the pool, please visit your cashier
Mon 02:35 
Good night
Sun 22:18 
I will never not enjoy subjecting the Mortimer's TouchTunes audience to Kraftwerk's "Neon Lights"
Sun 20:38 It's Kris' final night in America! I've grabbed the first booth - come on over, take a selfie, play some pinball, mess around on TouchTunes and, most importantly, keep him from getting all mopey on me!
Sun 02:44 Two hair related convos from tonight:

HEXAGON BAR - Me: I'm gonna sneak out - good seeing ya! Good luck with.... all this!
Gretchen: Your hair smells amazing!
Me: Thanks! That's gotta be lake water!

KITTY CAT KLUB - Rando bro: Wow, when was your last haircut?
Me: Six years! But it keeps falling out so it never gets any longer
Randbro: You should stop shaving, dude!
Me: But I'm trying to get a job, bro!
Sun 01:22 It's so beautiful
Sat 21:46 
And maybe then you wouldn't get so sick of me (Sneaker Pimps: Sick)
Fri 21:05 
Changed my cover photo
Fri 15:30 Taking Kris to ze beach in a couple hours - if you'd like to be a part of THAT circus but don't know which beach, holler
Thu 22:09 Guys, the Lutherans have scared away EVERYBODY except Joel, Kris and I. Come get you a sing song drink token!
Thu 09:46 This morning, I was up at 7.45 (don't ask why, just accept) and decided to bring up the trash can before some dog walker left a plastic bag of crap in it - I know, first world problems and all that. ANYWAY. I noticed that a dead mouse was on my front lawn. Not sure which animal did this or why they decided to leave it as tribute OR if this is any kind of omen, but that's definitely a way to start the day worthy of this Facebook status. Also, super glad it was dead outside my house rather than inside it. I am not a friend to mice; I trust that will not affect *our* friendship.
Thu 09:42 Hey James, remember that only time we ever met? FACEBOOK REMEMBERS
9.7 22:31 and/or
9.7 11:27 Christopher Christopher Christopher
9.7 11:17 
This was PRETTY OKAY RADIO OKAY - thanks to Kris Head for being my first ever radio "guest" and doing a decent job of selecting at that. My skills as an interviewer (say two words, shut up for 60 seconds) are on grand display as well. Thanks to everybody who caught bits of it live; now you can catch all 119:57 for the next fortnight!
8.7 23:50 
LAST WARNING: Kris and I are LIVE on KFAI (90.3/106.7?/ KFAI dot org/KFAI APP) and WQNA (88.3/wqnaradio dot org) in TEN minutes for TWO hours! Shout outs if you want 'em, let us know or call in (don't call in). Some of you will get shout outs anyway and you'll NEVER know because you DIDN'T listen. DON'T DO US LIKE THAT
8.7 12:00 
Tonight, After Midnight on KFAI, could be the greatest radio idea I've had yet and/or the worst...I'm bringing Kris Head along and he's suggesting most of the music programming. Fortunately, he's managed to avoid the stuff with all the swears in it so far...
6.7 21:51 I expect I'll be altered at some point
6.7 13:06 
DATELINE: 29TH ST W - Hey did I ever tell you about that one time I was in such a hurry to get from DRAGO to Transmission and it was a little dark and I was a little distracted so when I opened the door of that Volkswagen New Beetle, the alarm immediately went off. In a panic, I frantically pushed every button on my key fob, but the noise didn't stop... and it started to dawn on me that I was trying to get into THE WRONG BEETLE because MY car was merrily flashing its lights and unlocking itself just two cars down the curb. I don't know how one even SETS a car alarm without also simultaneously locking the doors; I certainly can't do it with *mine.* Fortunately, nobody witnessed me breaking into a car that wasn't mine, so I stepped to MY car, quickly drove off and vowed to keep this terrible, terrible secret to myself...for at least 2½ days.
6.7 12:54 
Strange...usually they set up the tumblr link BEFORE I get the Friend request - ah well, maybe they're new at this. Here's...let me make sure I get this spelling correct... "Shyamli Pandey"
5.7 23:47 ʇɐɥʍ ʎɐS
5.7 08:15 Well, well, well, look what we have here. Love you, La!
4.7 10:54 
Good day for it 🇺🇸 (Washington Post: Justin Amash leaving the GOP)
4.7 03:06 
Oh my God you guys look at this shirt that Jei found AND bought AND gifted to me...I am so dumbstruck and feel very undeserving, this may be the coolest gift I've received all year. I can't wait for long sleeved weather!!
3.7 21:44 
Yes, once again....the Biggest Loser gets used to the unusual taste of a Drago shot after losing at Russian Roulette
2.7 23:20 Hooray! Joel's still older than me!
1.7 14:43 
Any fun places I should take Kris for us to take in the USA/ENG game tomorrow? (Besides my own house of fun, that is) Are you watching it anywhere special? Did you know it was a thing? 2PM CDT.
1.7 11:17 
Just spent a couple hours over on Spinitron working on progamming stuff and I'm definitely ready to take over the [community] radio world tomorrow - look then for a last Dollar Bin on KFAI before our "called up to the majors" hiatus, along with my FIRST show After Midnight on KFAI TONIGHT!
90.3 / 106.7? / kfaiorg / kfaiAPP
Oh yeah also WQNA 88.3 / wqnaradioorg
29.6 13:42 LAST MINUTE PREP: One thing you've probably learned about me if you've spent any time around me is that my last hair trim was July 4, 2013 - so that'll be six years this week. Today I was reminded that the only reason my hair isn't even longer than it is is because of my ability to shed two hundred pounds of hair a year. My Shark vacuum cleaner, which I believe to be the best in the world (suck it, Dyson - oh ha ha NO PUN INTENDED), neatly collects hair in very large, long, round clumps for me to remove from the intake at regular intervals and marvel at because I only vacuum a couple of times a year.
29.6 12:05 
I'm too hot to care. I have resisted as long as I could. Yes....I've dragged the window AC unit from the attic to my bedroom window. Now... I just have to find the right way to break it to Kris that he can't sleep in my bed tonight
28.6 20:00 Hello, friends! Would you like to be my +1 to see Private Oates at the VFW tonight? Hollar atcher boy... (Later we can go to Hipshaker, too!)
28.6 09:46 
COMING SOON (like, Monday) TO KFAI:
CRZ "After Midnight"
27.6 10:04 
Me watching the radar on tubing day
27.6 08:45 
And then there was the one about the girl who left Australia to make it big in....New Jersey? Why, that's almost as believable as the true holder of this account actually being named "Aisha Braun"
26.6 17:53 
Tried the "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Dr Pepper Dark Berry for the first time - of course, it's right up my alley. That's *probably* all the product placement you get from me today
26.6 17:50 
26.6 16:35 
Okay NOW I feel like I'm ready for Kris Head's arrival
25.6 13:03 
Here we go again...
25.6 12:17 Off to the Mall of America - Cray interviews are between 1.15 and 3.00, set vibes to maximum positivity at that time, please! And thank you in advance!
25.6 09:21 
Changed my cover photo
25.6 09:17 
Ooh, I could be her very first friend! Then I could go check out the tumblr where she claims all her "nude movies" are! Hard to pass on that but I'm a little busy today, so....sorry, "Henley Duncan"
23.6 18:01 Back home, but WE NEED TO GO BACK. Could this be my finest selfie? You make the call!
21.6 19:19 Surprise! Going off the grid for 48 - talk to you Sunday!
21.6 05:10 So THIS is the 5am where I hear an effin' turkey
19.6 03:34 I worry that sometimes I only show you the lows and/or the highs - tonight I was thinking it was all the lows, I wanted to let y'all know that currently I feel, like, A BILLION TIMES more hopeful and optimistic than I did when you read last week's vaguebook. Thanks to all of you for continuing to believe in me, even when I have faltered in believing in myself. Fortunately it never lasts as long as all that. No matter what, I love you all!
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