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Mon 10:31 
This scares me more than any coronavirus
Sat 20:12 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Ate an entire pound of bacon - for my heart
Sat 14:27 Name 10 things you don't like that other people seem to.
1: making lists on Facebook
Fri 23:37 
DEEP IN THE PANTRY, A CONTINUING SERIES: So I found a tin of anchovies with a freshness date of September 2011 - the fillets had pretty much dissolved into the olive oil but everything still smelled okay so I drizzled it over a cheese pizza. HAPPY LENT (If this should be my final status, know that I love you all)
Fri 22:18 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Got to the "The End" screen in Let's Go Pikachu! in 28h45'. Of course it's not REALLY the end, but... (This maaaaaaaaaay be part of why I'm alone)
Fri 15:51 
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: For the first time since California, I may have two turntables AND a mixer functional at the same time
Thu 08:58 #tbt Beard goals
Wed 20:01 
Changed my profile photo
Wed 18:01 
31.3 17:06 
Changed my cover photo
31.3 16:52 
I'm not as meme-y as some of y'all but I tried it and it came up "Flashdance...What A Feeling" so maybe? What A Feeling, indeed... (stolen from Chris and I'm sure I've seen and ignored it from many of you before now because I'm usually last to meme)
31.3 14:29 
I'm very confused - this isn't a pretty lady! He may be confused as well as he sent out about 60 friend requests but almost exclusively female - 3 or 4 of them are dudes, including me. Works at "United Nations," originally from the totally real California City, California but now lives in the totally fake Los Angeles, California. In one of the surely stolen photos, he's wearing a "AERONAUTICA MILITARE" hat - that's the Italian air force. Finally, the account username is "habtamubayo" but because that sounds overtly Nigerian, he decided to adopt the incredibly American sounding "Smith Howells."
31.3 12:17 
Shut in with a slew of cheap vinyl... here's a two hour double episode I produced for KFAI's spring member drive. It includes my very brief Ollie Stench impersonation, a couple special selections I reserved just for this special occasion AND a bit more 2000 breakbeat than usual. Finally, I play my 600th track(!) but completely forget to commemorate it. If you are unable to give KFAI financial support, consider telling your rich friends about KFAI and maybe THEY'LL like it enough to make a pledge! But also tell anybody you know who needs two more hours of content to consume - more music, more talk, all CRZ. I'd love to know what you think!
30.3 20:15 
I occasionally eat fresh food, too - here's one of those kale salads you hate seeing me post (sale kale is 99¢ at Fresh Thyme - that's, like, 20¢ or a quarter per salad)
30.3 15:30 DEEP IN THE PANTRY, A CONTINUING SERIES: Ate a bowl of Essential Everyday corn flakes today - they tasted pretty much as expected although the box had a "freshness date" of 19 JAN 19. (The *milk* definitely had a 2020 freshness date stamped on it, which helped.)
30.3 09:31 
Then there was that time we actually sync'd up for a making of "The Making of 'The Making of'" during karaoke at Grumpy's DT (📷: Ozgur, via Antonio, via Adri, of Marin and me - circa 2 years ago tonight)
29.3 19:36 
29.3 18:04 
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Entered Fuschia City after a mere 16 hours (and 2 minutes) of gameplay - guess I can eat now
28.3 00:01 Only 328 hours and 59 minutes to go!
27.3 15:30 
Let's have some REAL fun! At some time in the past I thought it would be a good idea to buy ONE THOUSAND caplets of Kirkland Signature brand acetaminophen from Costco. Knowing me as you do, what do you suppose is the printed expiration date on these two bottles? I'll need a month and a year. First person to nail it wins approximately 475 caplets of slightly stale Extra Strength Tylenol equivalent, give or take. GO!
26.3 18:22 
I'll miss honey. Probably not the last closing I'll hear about during quarantine. :(
25.3 16:26 
KFAI: Find comfort in the voices of community members (just like you) who make KFAI the incredible place it is—the artists, the educators, the community organizers, the musicians, the movers and the shakers. You are not alone. KFAI is here with you.

Today is the first day of our spring member drive, a day normally bustling with human activity at the station. Despite our physical distance, we remain unified in our commitment to bringing entertainment, news and information to our communities. If you are able, please make a contribution today at and help us keeping bringing each other together.
25.3 09:25 
YOU CAN'T MAKE IT UP: A UnitedHealth recruiter just reached out to me on LinkedIn to see if I'd be interested in applying to a new Knowledge Manager req in Minnetonka they'd just posted which I looked perfect for. I wrote back saying it was nice seeing Optum was backfilling my old position but I was uninterested in applying.
24.3 16:31 
I'm an old school sharer. I don't really want you to see me, but if there were a way we could still listen, take turns playing DJ and maybe also text chat, I'm there. I LOVED, which was really the best way to do this, but it went under in 2013 after the usual royalty concerns and lawsuits. I cried into the wild on Twitter a bit back and AuxParty responded. It's VERY almost eerily but uses Spotify or Soundcloud as its "library" to escape the piracy question. I'm excited! Would anybody like to sign up and test out some social listening with me? I signed up with Spotify....

OH NO this doesn't work with Spotify Free for cheap bastards like myself. Never mind. Well maybe my friends with Spotify Premium still wanna check it out - looks cool! (Maybe I'll spring for Spotify Premium later. Naaaaaaaah)
24.3 13:31 
Finally finished the Nutter Butters (not pictured: May 2019 freshness date)
21.3 11:25 One silver lining of our current situation is a notable lack of Nigerian scammers offering to sell discounted nonexistent tickets to sold out events on thefacebook
20.3 21:36 My unintentional intermittent fasting time, getting longer each day, is now up to 24 I may not be doing this correctly
19.3 15:55 About to attempt minor plumbingery - send thoughts and prayers
19.3 09:16 This is fun and frustrating and you should jump on board because what else have you got to do
18.3 22:18 
In news nobody's paying attention to - possibly rightly so - Governor Weld, who attempted to primary President Trump, finally threw in the towel. It would have been nice to have that vector to cast a protest vote, but the Minnesota GOP only put one name on the ballot along with a "write-in" space.
18.3 12:53 Ooh, I'm insured a week early - thanks, Governor Walz! (Phew!)
17.3 08:14 Well, not my best prediction, yet still a prescient screen capture for one election cycle later
17.3 08:07 Hmm maybe I should grow out some quarantine sideburns
16.3 18:21 Video
15.3 20:54 
Finally got the text I'd been waiting for since I left work on Friday - telework recommended until further notice.
14.3 22:22 
Ooh... bad timing, lads
14.3 18:39 Okay actually this one was pretty good too
14.3 18:21 Okay, so I haven't bought a fullblown complete video game system since I bought that Wii over there. What's the lowest amount of money I'd have to drop to acquire a Switch AND the necessary accessories that would allow me to (eventually) reset my Meltan box? Amazon has a super duper $417.85 bundle but I'm assuming I don't actually NEED all those included doodads ... or do I? (Inspired by Sydney)
14.3 18:15 I'M THAT JERK: Sorry for your loss... hey but also
13.3 21:23 I found all hundred! (Star Tribune: Find Sid)
13.3 18:31 
Banger, indeed (via Alison Stopla) (Vietnam Corona Virus Song (English Subtitles))
13.3 13:51 It kills me but I'm now convinced that for me, there's no other rational decision: I can't hang out with you tonight in person
13.3 12:23 At least FIVE things to do tonight! And I'm still not sure yet if I should go out or stay in. Or if you should go out or stay in. Honestly we should probably both stay in. But just sharing info!

1. Back to the Batcave at the Cabooze! DJs Mercury/Miss Q/GRNT MLND - a perfect chance to practice social distancing! 9PM, five bucks
2. 90s Preservation Society at VFW! All VJ Mason all night! 10PM, FREEEEEEE
3. PURRRRRRRRR at Kitty Cat Klub! People you know and I don't! 10PM, three bucks
4. Wax poets. at Conga Latin Bistro! Art *and* music! $8 at 8PM, $15 after 10PM!
5. Worldwide Discotheque at Pimento Jamaican Kitchen! $5, 10PM

And if you're already feeling like pushing your luck...I'm guessing the lines at the fish fry will be decimated (and maybe they'll give you seconds!)
13.3 09:43 
Clearly out of my demographic but the Closer Weekly website is today's fascination. (Saving you a click: she wears glasses over her sunglasses, as her recent Instagram revealed. "LOL!")
11.3 10:15 A decade! I always meant to retry this concept - know, better. Who's got a projector?
11.3 02:09 
DECISION 2020: [Some] people have spoken
10.3 09:45 
This is what all Sponsored Content should look like
9.3 23:17 
Changed my cover photo
8.3 14:58 
HAVE VINYL, WILL TRAVEL: One last trip for the crate this week as I spell birthday boy Christian Fritz at Republic • Seven Corners Sunday Vinyl Happy Hour 10PM to midnight! There's good cheap beers including a Beer of the Day, Happy Hour food, a FANTASTIC "Sunday Special" combo AND you just might get to see non-regulars stare confusingly at the TouchTunes jukebox trying to figure out what's happening while not seeing the guy at the turntables directly to their left. Fun fact: I am almost exactly nine months older than Christian....I'm not saying he was conceived on the day I was born, but I'm not NOT saying it either
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