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Tue 15:22 If you've never listened to my show, this hour is a great first taste! Please support me with your ears and, optionally, KFAI with your dollars!
Tue 00:22 Tune your radio to Cruise Control on KFAI 90.3 - then call (612) 375-9030 or visit to pledge your donation for our Spring Membership Drive! (And if Cruise Control is somehow not your thing...a new AND special pledge drive episode of Dollar Bin on KFAI drops at the top of the hour!)
Mon 08:58 Things I never thought I'd be happy to post: MY HOUSE IS BACK ON THE GRID!
Mon 08:16 CRISIS AT THE KZIM TOWER, HOUR 87: New CenturyLink tech promptly rang the doorbell at 8. I showed him around the alley and he shared a disparaging opinion of the guy who visited yesterday, which amused me, at least. He also said it might take a while, but he thought he could run a new wire to the house this morning. I hope he's right - we'll see!
Sun 17:32 
Wow, so it was FIVE years until I unboxed and assembled this rake! Not that it did me any good, since I didn't also knock down my next door neighbour's cord-cutting deathsicles. Lessons learned
Sun 12:15 CRISIS AT THE KZIM TOWER, HOUR 67: CenturyLink tech says the part of the back alley they need to access has too much ice for any attempt at replacing my wire without a major injury, so they can't try it today. Sorry! MAYBE tomorrow if they can get an additional person so each one can stand at an end of the alley without anyone attempting to negotiate the hill. Phone and Internet will stay off for now. Soooo I'm not exactly loving life.
Sat 02:45 BANANA UPDATE: Ate a banana. Actually feeling a little proud of myself? 🍌
Sat 01:12 I enjoy the night life
I may have to boogie
Fri 19:28 You haven't really heard "Despacito" until you've heard it in the original Ukrainian
Fri 02:03 
CRISIS AT THE KZIM TOWER, HOUR NINE: Can you believe, in the times before Internet, we used to use these massive pieces of machinery to stream radio stations like KFAI?
Thu 18:25 Falling ice snapped my CenturyLink cable! I am now without phone AND Internet service until the truck rolls. The cable currently lies limp in the back alley where my neighbour probably wants to park. I'm now kind of amazed it lasted over three years the way they precariously laid it across OTHER cables to reach my house. CenturyLink says the closest appointment for repair is Sunday morning but "they'll put in for an escalation." I'm sure everyone will try to reach me Friday...fortunately, you weren't calling my land line anyway, right?
Thu 05:56 
Happy Pi Day!

0556 - Press .
Thu 04:56 OK maybe this guy was onto something back then
Thu 04:41 
STATUS PROBABLY ONLY MY MODESTO PEEPS WILL UNDERSTAND: There was honest-to-God TULE FOG driving home in Minneapolis incredible, still slightly white-knuckled experience.
Wed 16:22 Don't worry, I Liked your status and/or comment, but Facebook's broken, so it didn't register. (I wonder if THIS status will work!)
Wed 08:11 
Oh, LinkedIn, you're such a tease
11.3 22:09 TOP RAMEN UPDATE: I have finally decided to throw out the noodles with freshness dates of 2007 and 2008 as - yes - they finally started smelling funny and maaaaaaaaybe I should just invest $1 in five new ones I can keep in the cupboard for another 15 years.
8.3 20:30 BANANA UPDATE: On Tuesday, I bought four bananas. Tonight, I ate one banana. I suspect the other three will end up in the trash way later. (Last banana update: September 8, 2017)
8.3 13:26 Really cool. Sounds like I need to get into some solo Michael Rother yesterday
8.3 01:33 Hey you know what I've had a good night with good friends Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND tonight. Gotta say overall I'm pretty lucky! Also tonight is gonna be CRAZY good (come on out!). But Saturday....Saturday it's gonna snow a foot or something, so we'll have to see about that.
7.3 23:09 Gather around my children and I shall tell you a legend...the Legend of Billie Jean
7.3 21:15 Looks like I didn't make the cut for the IBM gig. No email, but my application was updated with yesterday's date and "No Longer in Consideration" the changed status on their career site. WHAT DID WATSON TELL THEM ABOUT ME
6.3 09:43 
Quality suggestion, Facebook - will definitely take it under advisement. Episodes 9 and 10 are still available from KFAI!

(An earlier version of this suggestion had Mason's name in place of Kimber's, which lent an additional layer of hilarity and I regret not getting THAT screen grab)
6.3 08:58 Apropos
5.3 15:12 Just consumed my first seafood crab cake slider; truly living the dream and/or my best life
5.3 13:46 DATELINE: UPTOWN LUNDS & BYERLYS - Allison told me there was a member sale on Bubly ($1.99) and could I pick up a box of favourite flavour Black Cherry and drop it off at the nearby workplace? I was gonna be over there to get a member sale $2.99 Lotzza Motzza for the freezer anyway, so sure, no problemo.


I am at the "terrible sparkling water" aisle.

"Black Cherry" was clearly stated. OK.

I am at the Bubly selection.

I stare at the Cherry Bubly.

I stare at Blackberry Bubly.

I confirm there is no Black Cherry Bubly amongst the hundred varieties I'm seeing.

I read all the little pricetags to make sure there wasn't a Black Cherry space that might be unfilled. I see none.

I look back to Cherry.

I examine Blackberry.

I then notice Cranberry for some reason.

Why did Allison ask me for a nonexistent flavour? This is clearly some sort of test.

I text - "No Black Cherry. Is Cherry OK?"

Time passes.

I look at the Cherry.

I see the Blackberry right next to it.

Oh no, they're probably not checking messages at work - or it's too busy to check...



Gotta be cherry.

Is it possible whichever one I pick will be fine?

No, whichever one I pick will be wrong.

Well, you can always exchange it.

I've spent too much time on this already.

Ya know, just don't ever offer to do nice things for anybody ever. The world is a cold, uncaring place and there's no possible good outc--

"Oh yeah haha sorry cherry is fine"


CODA: They were out of "Lotzza Hotzza" and I had to settle for a sausage and mushroom. Not my finest grocerie hour on all fronts.
4.3 12:20 
I do see the irony in being this relentless on something that isn't my job search, by the way
4.3 11:46 Ah, this explains why the eCrime continues unabated - there's nobody managing the investigations! You think they'd hire someone to work remotely from my house? I could probably draw a full-time salary on the KISS concert alone.
4.3 06:45 Hey let's compartmentalise! HAPPY TWIN CITIES NEW WAVE DAY! I hope to join you for a glass of wine and possibly a Caesar salad at Bev's at THIS event tonight, where I'm sure Jeff will play you his ORIGINAL "Rock Lobster" 45 if you ask nicely. It even ends early so no worries about sleeping late tomorrow! Just like a New Wave event SHOULD be--hey wait no we're just old
4.3 05:39 
ENOUGH, 2019 (Mixmag: Keith Flint from The Prodigy has died)
2.3 22:25 Hey DJ
2.3 04:43 
Late Nite Thoughtz (Eminem: Farm Club Freestyle)
1.3 18:45 
Got a real nice email from Manchester about the Mark Hollis/Talk Talk tribute show I presented this morning - it was also shared to the Talk Talk fanpage on Facebook and is already receiving hundreds of reacts - and one guy who wished I'd shut up ;-)
28.2 19:23 
Quick reminder that I'm on the air tonight for four hours with a tribute to Mark Hollis! I've also been getting the sniffles all day (and not in the "I'm sad" way that had already hit me since Monday) so look forward to my rapidly deteriorating voice as I present songs from 1977 to 2019!

Across the Board
0200-0559 CST
KFAI Minneapolis
90.3 FM / kfai dot org
28.2 12:14 
But I keep mine in the basement...
26.2 20:14 
These are some really great events and KFAI has some great curators!
26.2 16:47 
This Friday on Across The Board with DJ SLT on KFAI, I am presenting four hours of Mark Hollis, Talk Talk and branch acts sprouted from that tree and I *probably* won't even cry (much) (on the air). The funny thing is it was VERY easy to fill all the time and now I'm trying to decide on what to take out. Expect to hear a LOT of things you've never heard before. 2am to 6am! 90.3 and online at KFAIorg. Enormous thanks to DJ SLT for graciously volunteering the time for my audio therapy!
25.2 18:21 Changed my cover photo
25.2 16:47 I saw the tweets about Mark Hollis and had to go back to bed. I'm devastated. I've probably shared this article before but it's a good one. I always held out hope that he'd re-emerge with something new and it sucks that I can't feel that any more. (Noisey: How to Disappear Completely: When Musicians Retire For Good)
25.2 01:27 It's time (THE MOST STUF Oreos - 6 photos)
24.2 18:03 OK, I did forget the Oscars were tonight. Somehow I still want to try to get to this show instead despite all of tonight's parking being on snow emergency routes
24.2 00:13 This is not the Willennium I envisioned
23.2 17:24 
I loooooooooooove that it was warm enough to sit on my porch for a while. So what if there's another blizzard a few hours away? At this point I'll take what I can get :)
23.2 16:55 The video that launched a franchise
23.2 04:00 I just watched an extremely mediocre "Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" episode from 1981 on Antenna TV - the guests were Suzanne Pleshette and Dick Cavett - and honestly, I've never felt more like an adult. All that was missing was me falling asleep in the middle of it.
22.2 19:41 
I know Republicans aren't discussed much around here (except for folks talking about how much they suck), but I think this is an interesting story - the potential of William Weld staging a vanity campaign for the GOP 2020 nomination for president. His party affiliation has been pretty fluid, going back to his support of Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008 and most recently he was on the Libertarian ticket as Veep nominee in 2016. It'll be interesting to see if/how many primary votes he could peel away from President Trump - and if other "prominent" Republicans have the guts to defy the RNC and launch their own primary challenges. Heck, I'd probably caucus for him if our caucuses hadn't been neutered in favour of a beefier Minnesota primary.
22.2 15:43 
Facebook has GOT to do something about the rampant ticket scamming and fraud that inevitably pops up on EVERY concert event page I care to follow. Surely with all their AI they should be able to notice Nigerians and Kenyans (for example) changing their cover and profile photos to white senior citizens, changing their names to American sounding ones while their usernames DON'T change, then post requests for likes and DMs or PMs for their concert tickets which they suddenly unfortunately can't use (because 1. they don't exist and 2. they're thousands of miles from the arena) oh and if you see the word "kindly" in any of these statuses that's a GIANT RED FLAG. If Facebook CAN'T do it with AI, could they just pay me to run around and delete these losers? Any Facebook recruiters out there? ;-)
22.2 04:49 
.@facebook seriously needs to invest in some AI to detect ticket scammers and obliterate them - and/or pay me to troll them out of existence
22.2 04:18 
Found your bike on Riverside Avenue
21.2 16:19 Since it had been four weeks since my interview, I followed up with (I can now tell you it was) Allianz Life this morning with an email asking if I was still under consideration for their KCS Analyst position. They called me back shortly after noon letting me know I wasn't the right fit. I'm kinda bummed! I also wonder if they couldn't have told me this way earlier. I think I knew this was coming, though...I'd already sent out two more cover letters and resumes to try again with US Bank and Medtronic. Also, I'd still like to try to talk to somebody at Oracle about one of their open reqs if you know happen to know anybody there OR know somebody who knows somebody? Better news soon!
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