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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
6.2.14 20:25  Send me Bitcoin: 16ANYR1EsaqW7sQE4BR3YfthYQH5zswgQe (QR code)
6.2.14 20:25  Send me Dogecoin: DPDxE6o5cjbhnHXvXT4gKAJwgNEazUG2We (QR code)
 15:55  I NEED KALE - Cub Foods (Saint Louis Park, MN)
SYMC closing quote: 20.15 ▲0.18 (Range: 19.89 - 20.20)
 14:45  Been a while, but I'm reunited with my old friends the $3.75 Costco lunch - Costco Wholesale (Saint Louis Park, MN)
 Good meeting!! - True Source IT (Minneapolis, MN)
 Let's see! - True Source Recruiting (Minneapolis, MN)
 03:34 I worry that sometimes I only show you the lows and/or the highs - tonight I was thinking it was all the lows, I wanted to let y'all know that currently I feel, like, A BILLION TIMES more hopeful and optimistic than I did when you read last week's vaguebook. Thanks to all of you for continuing to believe in me, even when I have faltered in believing in myself. Fortunately it never lasts as long as all that. No matter what, I love you all!
 Back once again - Palmer's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
Tue 20:57 
 Karaoke: NIGHT - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
Tue 19:34 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
Tue 16:59 Have you seen "He Hate Me?"
Tue 16:33 Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend
Tue 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.97 ▲0.21 (Range: 19.80 - 20.16)
Tue 14:25 
Listened to Plastic Wasteland - Episode #1
Tue 13:03 Yooooo it's another hour of funk and/or Phil Collins that I think you might enjoy, if you enjoy those sorts of things - if you've got the time, we've got the stream
Tue 12:03 IT'S HAPPENING. I'm interviewing with Cray in Bloomington next Tuesday afternoon! Two hours, three different meetings. Get your vibes ready cos I'll ask for them in a week. <3
Tue 11:11 Yesterday morning:
Company I am very interested in working for (email): Hi, I'm an HR coordinator for that company you're very interested in working for. A hiring manager would like you to come down to our office for an interview and discuss your interest in our open technical writer position. What is your availability? Also, here is a form we'd like you to fill out at your earliest convenience.

Me, 12 minutes later (email): HI COOL I AM AVAILABLE ANY TIME PLEASE YES THANK YOU also you should find that completed form now

Company: I shall ghost you now

Me, 24 hours later (email): Hi, um, it's been 24 hours - did you somehow not receive my last, very enthusiastic reply? Did I somehow miss a reply from you? Are you still scheduling this interview? Any problem with the form? Can you please confirm you weren't just a fevered dream?

Maybe my standards are too high. But....can I say that my enthusiasm for working for this company is ever so slightly waning?
Mon 23:13 
Listened to Tommy Darko and the Wired Hangers - Old Empty Room
Mon 23:11 
Listened to Tommy Darko and the Wired Hangers - Ghost In The Graveyard
Mon 19:34 
I'LL DRINK THAT: This is Mtn Dew LIBERTY BREW from AMERICA, F YEAH - it boasts fifty flavours and I suspect most of them are just straight-on sugar - there is an UNGODLY 75mg of sugar in this 20oz bottle. There's also 91mg of caffeine, so it ticks all the boxes. Not surprisingly, the taste is...strangely addictive? It's a great update on the ol' DEW-S-A. STAY DEWNITED! CAFFEINE CAPITALS!!
Mon 16:39 
Listened to Electric Factory - Episode One
Mon 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.76 ▲0.40 (Range: 19.69 - 20.08)
Mon 08:02 
 Park Dental Roseville (Roseville, MN)
Sun 22:18 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
Sun 02:10 
 15 minutes until the next train, then another hour - THANKS METRO TRANSIT - U.S. Bank Stadium LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
Sun 01:50 Not my best look, but definitely A look #poetrypeoplemn #nspk19
Sat 23:22 Let's have two
Sat 23:12 Ugh, instant coffee with no instructions
Sat 20:30 
 Northern Spark, night 2! - The Commons (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 19:52 
 Night 2! - Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 18:02 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
Sat 03:21 
Changed my profile photo
Sat 02:22 
Listened to Powder Productions - Jungle Drums
Sat 02:18 
Listened to DJ H. Feat. Steffy - Think About
Sat 01:29 This coffee is terrible! And there isn't enough of it!
Fri 20:59 Penumbra Theatre (Saint Paul, MN)
Fri 20:21 
Listened to Oromocto Diamond - Black Feelings
Fri 20:20  Well, I hope it stops raining by 9! - Hallie Q. Brown Community Center (Saint Paul, MN)
Fri 20:18 
Listened to Erasure - Breath of life (7 inch mix)
Fri 20:14 
Listened to James Brown - Joggin' Along
Fri 20:12 
Listened to Rick James - Super Freak (12" Mix)
Fri 19:56 
Listened to 808 State - One in Ten (UB40 Vocal)
Fri 19:52 
Listened to Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Fritz von Runte Elektron Design)
Fri 19:46 
Listened to Deee-Lite - E.S.P.
Fri 18:17 
Listened to Little Big Bee - K.G.O. (Tom Middleton Remodel)
Fri 17:52 
 Banh mi = volunteer food - Lu's Sandwiches (Minneapolis, MN)
Fri 17:45 
Listened to Reel 2 Real - The New Anthem
Fri 17:22 
Listened to Prince - Mutiny (rehearsal)
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