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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
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Tue 18:50 Extra Toasty
Tue 18:28 Breakfast Blend
Tue 16:54 
  I uh may have bought the 33+ disc Donna Summer set - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Tue 15:04 RT @DirkAydlette: @steak_umm When there was only one set of footprints, Steak-umm was carrying you.
Tue 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.94 ▼0.03 (Range: 18.89 - 19.66)
Tue 14:52 
Tue 13:28 
RT @DollarBinShow: It's an hour of E artists this episode! From Sheila to ... Exude? (We've already gotten a Like on the Exude - thanks, Frank! - but I can't promise YOU'LL like it...but maybe)
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Mon 22:39 
I fell asleep during #RAW, several times. Every time I woke up, Chloe from Colleyville, TX was telling me about how vaping was intensifying her anxiety RT @tapemachines: you know what, it's the commercials. i cannot do commercials right now. so i will do something else
Mon 16:56 @drinkingwithian @batemanjason @cheriejohnson75 !
Mon 16:40 @drinkingwithian @batemanjason @cheriejohnson75 Good stuff! For an encore, please explain why this LP was only released in Israel:
Mon 16:34 RT @drinkingwithian: I've discovered something AMAZING. Did you know there was an 1985 charity song/video made by nearly 70 of your favorite teen TV stars? (the casts of Punky Brewster, Facts of Life, etc) No one does, and until yesterday, neither did I. Strap in, people. #lovesgonnafindaway 1/
Mon 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 18.97 ▲0.68 (Range: 18.48 - 19.12)
Mon 10:31 
This scares me more than any coronavirus
Sun 21:42 
I WILL say that today, the stream only went out once over the whole five hours I've had it going, so....we know it's possible for WWE Network to function as expected - now, is it too much to expect it to be like that for EVERY live event?
Sun 21:18 
Can't believe Heyman didn't swipe the mic #WM36
Sun 21:10 
Check, please #WM36
Sun 20:48 
I know nobody's following me any more but the WWE Network schedule clearly says the next thing airing after #WM36 doesn't start until 25 after
Sun 20:42 
The REAL winners are the WWE UNIVERSE RT @GwapogiTalaga: @CRZ Who's your pick? Lacey or Bayley?
Sun 20:34 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
Sun 20:32 
@luchablog Second time this week!
Sun 20:24 
Dana? Dana who? #WM36
Sun 20:23 
Occasional reminder that WWE is so enlightened they still won't announce the weights of any of their Women's Division superstars #WM36
Sun 20:21 
Too bad WWE couldn't use all that fancy VR hardware to create a fake audience #WM36
Sun 20:19 
WWE: <cuts to commercial>
Sun 19:59 
Maybe this match needs background music? #WM36
Sun 19:55 
Anybody else think this match could really be made if Orton and Edge just did a little more screaming? #WM36
Sun 19:49 
What, no nitrile gloves, WWE Official? #WM36
Sun 19:19 
The WWE Network schedule says we've got two more hours for...what, three matches left? (next show starts at 25 after whatever your timezone's version of 9 CDT is) #WM36
Sun 19:12 
That's actually Mandy's everyday walkin' around outfit #WM36
Sun 19:11 
You know...Charles Robinson should be able to hear Cole yelling about low blows from where he's standing in that empty building #WM36
Sun 19:03 
Ah, leave it to JCL to Fox Business Channel it up in 2020 #WM36
Sun 19:03 
Still a tiny amount of hard to believe that sinister multiweek glitchy whatever was purely to.....advance a Dozer/Ziggles feud #WM36
Sun 18:40 
If you somehow missed last night, here's what it would have looked like in letterboxed Filmlook #WM36
Sun 18:38 
Great match! MAYBE too much screaming. Also maybe wrong woman going over. Ah, there's my first buffering #WM36
Sun 18:11 
"Well, we taped all this stadium footage....we better use it" #WM36
Sun 18:08 
"Gronk:" "So....WrestleMania? Continues? .....RIGHT NOW" #WM36
Sun 18:07 Sorry, those names don't ring any bells RT @jkalyn: @CRZ Why are Sheamus and the Viking Raiders in this
Sun 18:05 
Voiceover: "I know you think you've heard this before--"
Me: "Yeah, appx. 24 hours ago"
You think they had to pay AC/DC twice as much?
Sun 18:03 
RT @CRZ: "How you wanna open WrestleMania?"
Sun 18:02 @hansen9j Swing and a miss
Sun 18:02 
Sun 17:54 
Surely jinxing myself but today I've managed to go an hour without having to refresh my WWE Network stream - could they have somehow learned from yesterday and improved capacity?! Wonders may never cease! #WM36
Sun 17:40 
RT @TheCoreyBrewer: Are you watching night two of @WrestleMania? That @AJStylesOrg Undertaker match was epic last night!
Sun 15:41 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
Sun 00:39 
@TheMixxMaster I emerge from hibernation every WrestleMania
Sat 22:43 Oh wow this was my 29,000th tweet - congratulations, everyone RT @CRZ: @dhm I SHOULD correct my spelling error, but during these trying times I give less Fs
Sat 21:09 
Did y'all see how President Trump waited until the #BoneyardMatch was over before he tweeted again
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